I Wonder hmmm…

I Wonder




When I rise out of bed each morning

I wonder what each new day will bring

Perhaps a blue jay has camped out on my window sill

And with each wing spread about ,

will sing


I’m guessing not today

But maybe next Spring


Today I wonder

Will there be a blanket of delight

Canvased in the softest white snow

But then again ,

I am thinking No


The temps , although cooler

Have not dropped that cold


Lately I have been feeling

More of a chill

I guess that’s because

I’m getting old


I wonder if in ten years time

Will I still look and feel the same

I haven’t changed much in 20 years

Still feel at the top of my game


I wonder

If Growing old gracefully

Is all what it is

Cracked up to be


I wonder if true love

Is just some myth

Cause with my stroke of luck

Might as well be

Just a wish


And Prince Charming

Good lord what a joke

Unless he is 4 ft 3

unreliable, shaved head

And broke




Please excuse the sense

Of sarcastic fun

I know it made you

laugh just a tad


I sometimes ,

Can’t help myself

From being really


Sandra G 11/17/17 @writeurpassion1969


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