On that one August 5th morning

There won’t be an angel

At the top of my Christmas tree

Has been replaced

With a Beautiful White Butterfly

For all our friends and family to see

Since that day God called you away from Me


That very first day after your passing

The strangest thing happened


A white butterfly Visited me in our yard

The pain was intense

Losing you was unbearably hard


But something down deep

Told me this Butterfly is You


Letting me know

That your soul

was safe in Heaven

It was time for me

To Let you go


Right then and there

I saw this glow

The sun reflected off your wings


little specks of gold

In some angelic way

I knew I had been told


A sort of peace

Came over my being


I know this must be

Really. hard

For others

to believe

Without seeing


But I swear.

This is true


Patrick came to me

On the wings

Of a white butterfly

that day


And even though

I will always

Be heartbroken

over his loss

Somehow he made

my pain

A little less

that day

The Day He came

As a White Butterfly

Then quickly

Went away

Sandra G 8/5/17@writeurpassion1969


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