On that one August 5th morning

There won’t be an angel

At the top of my Christmas tree

Has been replaced

With a Beautiful White Butterfly

For all our friends and family to see

Since that day God called you away from Me


That very first day after your passing

The strangest thing happened


A white butterfly Visited me in our yard

The pain was intense

Losing you was unbearably hard


But something down deep

Told me this Butterfly is You


Letting me know

That your soul

was safe in Heaven

It was time for me

To Let you go


Right then and there

I saw this glow

The sun reflected off your wings


little specks of gold

In some angelic way

I knew I had been told


A sort of peace

Came over my being


I know this must be

Really. hard

For others

to believe

Without seeing


But I swear.

This is true


Patrick came to me

On the wings

Of a white butterfly

that day


And even though

I will always

Be heartbroken

over his loss

Somehow he made

my pain

A little less

that day

The Day He came

As a White Butterfly

Then quickly

Went away

Sandra G 8/5/17@writeurpassion1969


New kid on the block

I am no virgin to writing

Been scribbling words for years

But if you ask me

Am I new to blogging?


Only three days , have I been here


Ever since birth

I have been blessed

With a creative mind


Just read my poem’s

And I promise

You will find

My creative nature

hiding in – between ,

each line


Sometimes my words

Dance across the page

And at other times

won’t even

Come out

from behind

the stage



There will

never be a

curtain call

For me,

Until my dying day


For as long as ,

there are

Feelings to express

I shall write them down

Sandra G 1/8/19@writeurpassion1969

Finer Weather

Finer weather




We come together

And take in the fresh air


Picnics over flowing

Kids with

Bubbles blowing


Occasional kite in the sky

Catches the glimpse of passers by


A bumble bee or two

Searching their honeydew


Grass turns from a puke brown

Into a vibrant green


And you can’t help but laugh

When you here a faint scream

Seems an ant hill is getting their fill

On cookies and sweet tea


Oh what a pleasure

And what a treasure

Is finer



Sandra G.@writeurpassion1969 1/8/19

I do not own copyrights to this photo, just borrowing.


One word

Passion is but a heartbeat

At the end of a pen

That lets your emotions

Entertain a page

Again and again


Love is but a whisper

That explodes within

And engulfs the pages of your story

Until the very end


Destiny is but a place

To take your readers to

Where they are so enticed

Stuck in their chairs like glue



From sharing your words

Is just one word


Sandra G 1/8/19@writeurpassion1969

I do not own the photo nor hold copyrights of it.