A journey to

A Journey Too




A walk in the park

A kiss in the dark


A smile hello

A hug goodbye

Or just a 

well overdue cry


A glance at the sky

A wave to ride


A mountain

 to overcome

A warm meal

When the day is done


A friend who is always there

A gentle hug showing

Someone cares


A trip to the moon

A call from them

Advising they be home soon


A kiss under the moon

A walk to remember

A silent slumber


A visit to the Eiffel Tower

In France

Or just a view

Of Mona Lisa’s glance


Just take the chance

 a journey too



Somewhere that Allows

An experience

Of Life’s dance

In just something

As simple as a glance

Sandra G @ writeurpassion1969 2017


Free falling

Free Falling

And you know it’s true

I never want to stop

This decline for You

Slowly falling

From that very first day

Slowly falling for You day after day

That smile just knocks me right off my a$$

And forget the rope, I’m sinking fast

Your eyes took me by surprise

And I thank God Every Day

For allowing you to be My Guy

Your are the best thing to ever happen to me

I finally feel blissful peace and fancy free

I’m still falling, you know it’s true

I will never allow myself

To stop falling for You

Sandra G 6/10/18 @writeurpassion1969

I do not own the photo, just borrowing

Boat all alone, dedicated to my Dad RIP 1/1/02

Boat all alone




At times the boat

Would be filled with flounder to the gills

And many of friends and family

Could get their fill

And then other times not a single bite

But my father never seemed to care

Because fishing to him

Was such a peaceful sight

Just to be out on the water

With a fishing pole in hand

Was the best time spent

Without any demands

No one to tell him what to do

No one to nag

Just a navy sailer hat upon his head

A cigarette in his mouth

Wearing a silk undershirt

Jeans and bare feet

And his lunch in a brown paper bag

Yes My Dad Loved to fish

And his catch

Prepared by my Mom

Was always a tasty dish

So now every time I see

Any boat out there

All alone

It brings me a sad and happy feeling

Letting me know that

My father is never

To far from home

RIP Dad 1/2/2002

Sandra G  @writeurpassion1969

I do not own the photo, just borrowing

I Give to You

I give to You 

My heart 

With all hope no fear 

And every step along the way

I hold you near 

For you are my Universe

And stars up above 

Rejoicing in glory

Abounded by love 

Let my eyes open wide 

And flood gates wash away my pain

Since your love rained down on me

I have never been the same 

From this day forward 

20 years or more 

You forever have my heart 

Mi Amor 

Till my last dying day 

Until my last breath 

Forever by Your side 

Is My Next step 

S.Glover 10/ 7/18

Sandra G@writeurpassion1969, I don’t own copyrights to photo

I Wonder hmmm…

I Wonder




When I rise out of bed each morning

I wonder what each new day will bring

Perhaps a blue jay has camped out on my window sill

And with each wing spread about ,

will sing


I’m guessing not today

But maybe next Spring


Today I wonder

Will there be a blanket of delight

Canvased in the softest white snow

But then again ,

I am thinking No


The temps , although cooler

Have not dropped that cold


Lately I have been feeling

More of a chill

I guess that’s because

I’m getting old


I wonder if in ten years time

Will I still look and feel the same

I haven’t changed much in 20 years

Still feel at the top of my game


I wonder

If Growing old gracefully

Is all what it is

Cracked up to be


I wonder if true love

Is just some myth

Cause with my stroke of luck

Might as well be

Just a wish


And Prince Charming

Good lord what a joke

Unless he is 4 ft 3

unreliable, shaved head

And broke




Please excuse the sense

Of sarcastic fun

I know it made you

laugh just a tad


I sometimes ,

Can’t help myself

From being really


Sandra G 11/17/17 @writeurpassion1969

The Walk

The Walk





He took her hand long ago


One evening on a walk


The time they spent together


was lovely


The boy he sure could talk




He told her that he admired her


And had for a very long time


He tried to write her a poem


embarrassed to share


Because it did not rhyme




His eyes bright and sparkly


Each time she looked his way


But a sadness filled his heart


For he knew


Soon he will be called away




Germany had started war on France



It soon would be


The United States


Turn to dance





So he had to tell her today


Exactly how he felt


And how each time


he heard her voice


He wanted to melt




He asked for her hand


wanted to wed


When he returned




she was so smitten


like a playful kitten


Her love


Had he earned







They said Goodbye


Time sure did fly




Then one day


As the day was turning into night


She read his letter by candle light




Her body became so tense


As she read the words…


We regret to inform you


With sadness and sorrow




She dropped the letter


And ran to the fence


stopped and just stood there


Tears running down her jaw





she tried to recollect


The last time she seen him


Was the walk they shared


Last Fall



And how they had planned to marry



But now,



He won’t be coming home



At All



Sandra G. 9/5/17@writeurpassion1969


I am just borrowing the picture and do not own copywriters rights. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment . Thank you for visiting my blog ~ hugs Sandra G.